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Financial Services

Pension Maximization

Pension Maximization is a strategy to help get the most out of defined benefit pension plans for married couples. With this strategy, a life insurance policy is purchased on the life of the plan participant prior to retirement. It may be purchased closer to retirement, but because of age and possible health issues, purchasing the policy sooner may be in the client’s best interests. Learn more about Pension Maximization.

Income Planning

We assist our clients as they shift from being performance-based investors to being purpose-based investors. There comes a time when the traditional risk-versus-reward model to investing becomes obsolete for one’s personal situation. As this occurs, their attention turns to putting their hard-earned assets to work in a practical fashion by creating lifetime streams of income by taking advantage of the universe of conservative investment options. We will design and implement a custom-built income-oriented or defensively-postured portfolio that provides the client with reliable investment results that are stable, predictable and in line with their objectives. Learn more about Retirement Income Planning.

Legacy Services

Our clients have learned the secret of leveraging time in order to leave more substantial gifts to their heirs.  In many cases, these gifts can be transferred tax-free.  As a result, our clients will carve out assets earmarked for gifting, leaving the balance to maintain their desired standard of living. Learn more about Legacy Services.

Social Security Maximization

There are over 100 different ways that a married couple can choose to have their Social Security benefit paid out to them, we help you find the most effective filing strategy based on your needs and lifestyle.

For more information on Social Security Maximizationclick here for an informative report.

Medicare Supplement and Advantage Plans

At Poole Locke Associates, our approach to Medicare is a crucial piece of coordinating the retirement landscape for our clients. You’ve earned your right to the benefits of Medicare after years of paying into the system, and you want to make sure that you understand how it works, what it covers and what it leaves out.

Many people are surprised to find out about the limits of Medicare coverage after they need care – and by then it’s too late. We specialize in educating you on how Medicare works and how to think about supplementing what’s left out. We have all the current pricing of potential policies in your area so that you can compare them all in one simple meeting. Then you can get back to enjoying life.

Final Expense

Like everything today, funeral costs are rising. It’s not uncommon for funeral costs to run tens of thousands of dollars, potentially leaving loved ones with a heavy financial burden in addition to a heavy heart. Without being prepared for these expenses, many families become financially stressed when trying to pay these expenses, and many often go into debt trying to properly grieve for their loved ones. Final expense coverage takes care of these and other costs so that you don’t have to worry about leaving your family in financial distress. Additionally, final expense coverage allows for you to try to avoid having to liquidate assets, such as stocks or bonds, at inopportune times, or to simply compartmentalize the costs that will arise, leaving the balance of your assets intact to enjoy or to leave to your heirs.

Final expense coverage offers easy qualification and a streamlined application process. No health examinations are necessary — only a few health questions on a one-page application. Most people get coverage, even with health issues. Family support services may also be available with this coverage. Learn more about Final Expense Coverage.

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